Rapido technology

Simple Solutions


Custom Software 

eBay research 

funkyisation of eBay listings 

Programming lessons 

Window Cleaning 

De-technilasation of complicated words 

Take things seriously 

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We can create software which is right for you!

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Providing The Best Quality In Time

What We Do

We do high quality things, on time and to budget.  See that good looking bloke at the top of the page.  That's not me.  I look nothing like that but I think it gives the whole site a lift and just oozes quality.  That's how focused we are on high levels of quality.

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Communicate with people on an almost daily basis.  Not a day goes past where we don't communicate with someone.

Type things on keyboards.  Code, listing words, letters to the BBC, that sort of thing. 

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Why To Work With Us

Work with us because it's fun, we get things done, charge a reasonable amount and are incredibly serious about what we do ;).  Sometimes I think we are the most well adjusted, level-headed people in Redditch.

Time is precious.  So are diamonds.  That being said you get what you pay for I suppose.  You can pay us in diamonds if you like, but a bank transfer would be fine, or a cheque, even cash.  We are so flexible regarding payment and we'll even issue you with an invoice.

Size matters, and we are an incredibly small firm which makes us agile and slightly desperate.  Use that to your advantage!

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